The company was founded by Ing. Vladimír Dufek and Mrs. Miroslava Dufková in 1997. At the beginning of its activities, the company continued to work on the principles of the former allowance organization ´ Administration of Spa Parks of the town Mariánské Lázně´.

sídloAt the beginning, the main activity of the company was the maintenance of public places. Later, the retail sale, especially in the field of gardening goods and natural products was introduced.

In the critical times of development of the company in 2003 RNDr. Pavel Poc became the partner and managing director of the company. The market development required the change of business strategies and the enlargement of activities in the field of landscape realisation and the structural change of retail trade. “Zahradní a parková spol. s r.o.” has become a major supplier of landscape and garden services and started to operate throughout the whole Czech Republic. In 2006 the sale of the company doubled.

New partner and further company development

New partner SUAS

At present, the company has over 50 permanent employees, operates throughout the Czech Republic and its centres provide services in a wide range of landscaping - from design to retail sale of gardening supplies. The gradual development of business led to the establishment of several sections - Garden Center in Marianske Lazne, Flower Salon Florance, section of Landscape and Garden Construction and Landscape Design section. In 2009 the Construction section was founded.

The company is a founding member of the Association of Garden Centers CS, a member of the District Chamber of Commerce, Cheb and a member of the Regional Construction Association, Karlovy Vary.



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